Holsem, a brand driven by a purpose to embrace and savor life's little indulgences while maintaining a sense of well-being, sought assistance in expanding its branding across various channels.


Collaborating closely with Holsem, the brand's growth was fostered through the development of a functional and beautifu e-commerce website. Additionally, a packaging system was designed to enhance the brand's visual identity and elevate the overall customer experience. Materials for their cafe located in the vibrant city of San Diego were curated to further augment Holsem's presence and impact within the local community.


To effectively engage and expand their target audience, forward-thinking brands such as Holsem, known for their dedication to product development, seek the expertise of diligent creatives. For the last three years, I have been a valuable extension of their team, continually elevating the brand's visual appeal and reinforcing its artistic direction as it experiences significant growth.

︎ Client Review

Danielle went beyond my expectations in regards to her work with the launch of the Holsem Coffee re-brand. Premium product branding and design is typically very layered and needs a creative director to think through customer psychology, she was able to do this for us as she designed new assets and get her hands dirty and be a support to the team on a variety of tasks that we had to do as a startup launching a new e-commerce division. She is a joy to work with, her energy and positivity was such an asset along with her talent as an art director on design.

- Muna Farhat, Holsem CEO