Supporting your business
in all capacities

Wherever you’re at, Danielle with meet you there. As a seasoned, multi-disciplinary talent, she will custom fit creative support to fill the gaps. This approach results in work that consistently hits, resonates, and scales.

Meet Danielle

Originally from the East Coast, I grew up always gravitating towards creavite projects. When I moved to San Francisco for college I discovered design and quickly feel in love with the way it combines critival thinking, problem csolving with playful creativity. After working for a few years in SF I decided to move to Barcelona and complete my Master Degree in Visual Design and Elisava. Upon moving abroad, I started working freelance. 

I’ve been traveling the world while building my business. From 2022-2023, I’ve worked from Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, New York, Mexico, Hawaii and Portugal. I draw inspiration by observing the constantly transforming environments and relationships in the world around me. This allows me to bring diverse perspectives into my work and stay clear of trend based design. I am deeply empathetic and emotionally intelligent which allows me to immediately connect and understand the people and brand environments I am working with.